Connectomics: The Future of Neuroscience

“Hyper-realistic image of a Brainbow”

Neural Connectivity


The Connectome!

Complete Connectome of the C. Elegan

What is the Difference Between Structural and Functional Connectivity?

Diffusion Tensor Imaging
fMRI Scan

Advancements in Connectomics

Brainbow Technique

Hmm looks stunning enough to be your next laptop screensaver…

Automatic Tape-Collecting Lathe Ultramicrotome (ATLUM)

These are sadly not the edible kind of wafers
Over a decade of blood, sweat, and tears went into this single cubic millimeter of brain
Digital Reconstruction of Neurons in the Cortex
A connectome in the making!

How Artificial Intelligence is Impacting Connectomics

Future of Connectomics



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Sualeha Irshad

Sualeha Irshad

17 y/o life long learner who’s passionate about sharing stories related to education, the brain, and linguistics! twitter: @SualehaIrshad